Relauching a european defence system

« An admiring assistant, who sang his praises, asked Federico
Fellini one year before his death: “Master, don’t you believe that Europe is at risk of falling into decadence?” He gave a definite reply: “Young man, Europe’s decadence began when the Roman Empire fell!”
Without attempting to match the flamboyant dialectic of the great Italian director and writer, the hosts of the Economic Defence Council and the authors of Eurodefence present analyses and proposals, aiming to show that beyond the vicissitudes of negotiations and treaties or letting things drift away, European economies and civilisations can only claim to lay their worldwide role in the 21st century if they are able to construct their life insurance together: their security and their defence.
It is France’s role to initiate, in a group of countries “who want it and can do it,” constructive reflection on a security and defence project, taking inspiration from the example of the euro in the monetary domain ».

Christian De Boissieu
Philippe Esper
Bernard Bigot
Michel Scheller
Yves-Thibault de Silguy

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